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About Kaphmada Design


Kaphmada Design is a fashion design house in Atlanta, GA and is dedicated in helping our clients stay unique and fashionable. We have over 55 years combined experience in fashion, design, styling and tailoring. Kaphmada Design’s portfolio ranges from custom apparel, handbags, and jewelry to drapery, bedding as well as hats and gloves – our designs are endless.


You can discover the latest and most unique designs in the fashion world by Kaphmada Design. We are the it fashion if your aim is to be different, fashionable, and stand out. We are a family owned business dedicated to fashion. We create our designs, patterns, and the finished product. Anything can be created by us; from apparel to handbags. We also do custom work if you have your own design or desire our product in a certain color or material and we also offer alteration services. Kaphmada Design is passionate about making designs that inspire the world of fashion. We thank you all for your support and feedback! 


Our Team


Katherine Brown - I started designing Barbie doll clothing as a child. In my high school years I took home economics. I brought my fabric to school, took my outfits home and wore it the next day. My teacher used to say, "that's nice, now what are you going to do?" So, I would help the other students in the class with their projects. I actually started teaching others how to sew. From there I started designing and making hats, coats, pastor robes, choir robes, purses to matching your outfits, etc. I've been designing for over 40 years and my daughter is following my footsteps.


Dawn Brown - I always loved fashion. I always watched and admired my mom for her sense of style and talent. As an adult I would always take an outfit and make it my own. The first thing I began to design was handbags. Sometimes the ideas just come to me. Also, by looking at art, jewelry, and different patterns from anything I can create a design.  I would sketch the design, create the pattern, and get to work on creating the finished product. Every design has came out perfect. Then I began to create leather jewelry, leg warmers, and clothing. It is a great experience to see your designs come to life.


To feel good about your purchase, we want you to know that a portion of our proceeds will be donated to a cause.


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